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ABOUT StyleLeash

Personal. Unique. Handmade. Ethical.

Our collections are more than dog accessories; they are modern dog jewelry, ones that allow the owner to express the uniqueness of his dog. Yet all our products share the common value - no animal should be harmed in the name of fashion, beauty or luxury. Therefore, StyLeash is a luxury vegan brand that believes in a clearer, cruelty-free industry. To ensure the highest quality, all our products are handmade in Switzerland.



For years we looked for the right collar and leash for our mini Australian Shepherd Benji. He is our everything and just like for most dog owners, nothing could ever be good enough for him. We wanted to have something unique , something designed for him, with his name, style, and colors.


However, aside from being stylish, it had to be robust, functional, and made for adventure dogs . We hike, we swim, we do dog sports and he loves to play with other dogs. So we needed a collar that we can throw in the washing machine after our adventures (that's why all our products are washable at 30 degrees).


We want the very best for Benji but at the same time, we love all animals . Not just pets. It seemed much like a double standard to us letting Benji wear fancy accessories that involved another animal being harmed or even killed. So another requirement was that the accessories had to be vegan without compromising the quality or design, only featuring the best quality vegan materials. We couldn't find anything that could hold up to our expectations.


Benji's birthday came up so we decided to craft him the most special, unique, and exclusive collar and leash. We ordered many different high-end buckles and used only the most precious one, bought the most special accessories and best materials. As we never intended to sell a single collar or leash, we didn't think about the economic aspect. After working several full weekends on it, we finally had the perfect collar. Soon our friends asked us to craft one for their dog, then friends of friends and this is how the story of StyLeash began ... a story offinest dog accessories, handmade in Switzerland.




Benji, Cindy & Frederik

Founders of StyLeash

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