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"StyLeash, the high-end brand for dogs"
Marie Claire magazine

"Each collar is a tool of self-expression & individualism.

The resulting collection is highly personal yet charged with an energy and statement that is meant to be shared."



We only use high-quality, vegan materials and  

are very committed to creating an ecological company that gives something back to the environment. When you buy a product from us, a tree is planted in your dog's name to offset the carbon footprint of the purchase. We support carefully selected programs to combat climate change, restore biodiversity and support local communities. You can learn more about our impact here.


Personal. Unique. Handmade. Ethical.

Our collections are more than dog accessories; they are modern dog jewelry, ones that allow the owner to express the uniqueness of his dog. Yet all our products share the common value - no animal should be harmed in the name of fashion, beauty or luxury. Therefore, StyLeash is a luxury vegan brand that believes in a clearer, cruelty-free industry. To ensure the highest quality, all our products are handmade in Switzerland.



Find out more about current pop-up stores and news articles.


A custom wedding collar is a truly beautiful work of art. At StyLeash we design custom pieces for the dog of honour and pups attending a wedding party. Designing your custom wedding collar may involve combining different aspects of our current designs or bringing your vision to life from scratch. Contact us to create your one-of-a-kind wedding collar.

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